Sunday, February 6, 2011

South Africa Reunion and Blessings

February 7, 2011 - After a week of work all around South Africa I made my way to Didima Camp and Cathedral Peak area located within the heart of the Drakensburg region of SA. The views of the mountains were spectacular but even more so was seeing John Black, Robby Kojetin, Gilad Stern and his lovely wife Micky (she trekked into BC with us), and last but not least witnessing the marriage of John to Natalie Milnes. Natalie too had joined us at Everest BC two years ago and she could not have looked more beautiful on her wedding day with the mountains of the Drakensburg as her backdrop. I caught up with Gilad and Micky during a short trek into Rainbow Gorge where Gilad and I felt it was important to re-enact our 2009 Namche bare chest pictorial.

Seeing my Everest teammates from South Africa, not to mention my friends for life, was truly a blessing as was partaking in John and Natalie's wedding ceremony. The morning I left the Didima to drive back to Johannesburg (by the way, first time driving on the left side of the road and sitting on the right side of the car!) I awoke to a baboon in my chalet's bathroom, on his way to my kitchen! Ahh, a little excitement to start the day (not something I get to see everyday in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin!). I hope to post more pics on my facebook page as soon as I get back to the U.S. so be on the lookout.