Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Dublin Dash!

I hope everyone had a groovy St. Patrick's Day! The town my family and I live near is called New London here in Wisconsin yet for the week encompassing St. Patrick's Day the name changes to New Dublin. A few years ago, according to USA TODAY, New Dublin is the second-best place to be in America during St. Patrick's. Chicago ranks #1. That being said, the luck of the Irish added to this year's New Dublin festivities the New Dublin Dash, a 1.5 mile walk or 3 mile run. My daughter and I participated along with a couple of her friends (in the first picture from L to R: me, Erika Dorrow, my daughter Bailee Fox, and Addy Graber).
Green was the theme as one would imagine but I couldn't help getting a picture with "Mr. Purple" (unknown identity).
Everyone had a blast with over 500 participants in the race and an estimated 20,000 people lining the streets of New Dublin to watch the participants finish the race, just in time for the start of the annual parade, this year encompassing over 125 entrants. Hard to imagine that in less then 2 weeks I will be landing in Kathmandu, Nepal to trek back up into the Khumbu to launch the Healthy Yak campaign. Standby for more blogs!

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