Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Gift From Mother Nature

3860m - Tengboche We left Khumjung this morning after a wonderfu blessing ceremony via individual distribution of catas (silk scarf) to all HimEx team members from Phurba Tashi's father. We arrived in Tengboche just before lunch. As fate would have it Mother Nature granted us a terrific view of Mt. Everest. An emotional moment to say the least as I have waited just over 11 years for that moment. "Giddy" as a school boy running around at around 13,000 feet getting photos of the mountain and its beautiful summit pyramid is the best way I can describe it.

I had to tease one of my new friends and HimEx teammates, Moises Nava of Mexico (farthest to the right in the group photo with me along with Stuart Carder and Chris Macklin, both from the UK left to right, respectively) because when we first arrived at the monastery Everest was once again shrouded by the clouds. As soon as Moises appeared the clouds parted! (note: Moises has a great sense of humor and with his permission allowed me to write this for fun) Yeah, despite the heavy breathing and occasional small headache the humor factor is in full charge here in the mighty Himalayas.

Once the clouds enveloped the highest point in the world we settled in, had lunch, then witnessed the 3 o'clock prayer session performed by the monks in the monastery. Another amazing piece of history to be apart of. Tomorrow we head to Dingboche gaining another 500 meters, give or take, which will once again test our fitness levels. Nevertheless a wonderful place to be.

Thank you again for all the wonderful emails and words of encouragement. They mean a lot. Due to the large number of emails I may not be able to respond to everyone but know that your words are deeply appreciated and have been filed permanently in my mind as this team takes one step at a time on our way to the summit of Mount Everest. Namaste and stay well until the next dispatch.