Monday, April 13, 2009

Puja on Easter

5300m - Himex Everest BC - Puja A belated Happy Easter from Nepal. I would also not be able to forgive myself if I failed to wish my wife Katherine a Happy Birthday. I will be home to celebrate it in person, albeit late, but better late than never :)

It has been several days since my last dispatch yet between some sick days and technical problems (laptop died, satellite modem not working well, etc.) we will learn to cope. I am slowly starting to feel better and as far as the IT issues, I hope they improve too. I will try my best to continue with text and picture dispatches as long as my satellite phone-pda combination stays afloat. Knock on wood please as it is mostly rock and ice here! Please keep in mind the dispatch frequency will be less given we will be climbing soon on Lobuche and then into the Khumbu icefall on our way up the flanks of Mt. Everest.

All that being said, we had a wonderful Puja ceremony here at our basecamp on April 12/Easter. I have attached a couple photos, one showing the centerpiece of the ceremony and one I had taken of me with several of our western guides & our high altitude medical expert, Dr. Monica Piris. It was a great ceremony as the gods were asked for our success and safety while climbing on Sagarmatha. I intend to include more photos of our sherpa staff and of the amazing scenery in future dispatches. Please note that all photos on the site are intended to be small due to upload time and cost. Some can be enlarged by clicking on them if you desire although the quality will be greatly reduced. Namaste from cozy Himex BC!