Friday, May 8, 2009

O2 Day

5300m Himex BC - Today was "Oxygen Debriefing" day led by our terrific expedition leader Russell Brice. Within the comforts of the Tiger Dome, Russell overviewed the parts of the oxygen delivery system, how to assemble, as well as provided a nice plan for its use while high on the mountain.

Even though our summit window is at least a week or more away (?), it was great to spend the time now reviewing the use of oxygen, a critical element that will no doubt help us feel warmer and stronger as we ascend above 8000 meters on summit day.

Only a select few have been able to summit Mt. Everest without oxygen. Oxygen does not guarantee the summit, but it does increase the odds of success.

On a different note, my brother Chris sent me an email after reading yesterday's dispatch about Christophe's dog Leopold. It turns out that he and his wife Abby's dog Cassie is recovering at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine (my alma mater) after having open chest surgery to remove and drain what sounds like an aggressive infection. Dr. Dale Bjorling, one of my former professors at the school is leading the case so Cassie is certainly in great hands. That being said however, I would kindly ask that you include Cassie in your prayers please.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent me emails over the past days and weeks. Your kind words have been inspirational as we prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for the tough days that lie just around the corner.