Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waiting on the Weather

5300m Himex BC - It was with a lot of joy being able to welcome 'home' several of my new friends as they returned safely from high on the mountain today. Several more, including my Japanese teammates are due into camp tomorrow. It was great to greet each one of them as they strolled into BC this morning.

Pictured is me hugging "Big Jim" Holliday of Pittsburgh as well as having a little fun with Stuart Carder of England. And last but not least we all cheered for David Tait after his successsful summit of the highest mountain in the world yesterday, May 5, 2009. Accompanying David were multiple Sherpas, including Phurba Tashi, his 15th successsful summit.

The good news is that the ropes are fixed to the top. We now have to be patient for the ideal weather window. Some other teams are heading up the mountain now yet we may not see our first team ascend for several days if not a week or more. Unless something changes significantly in the next week my next dispatch may be delayed a bit. Time to rest, read, draw, throw the football, and maybe even have a brew or two. Hard days are just ahead so please stay tuned. Remember, patience is a virtue (yes, I am reminding myself of that as well).