Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Healthy Yak team in Kathmandu and Rum Doodle

After 36 hours of airplanes, airports, and the standard exciting taxi ride from the KTM airport to the hotel I finally made it to sunny and warm Kathmandu. Andy and Kristen arrived several hours later and today we met up with the fourth member of our Healthy Yak team, Claire Windeyer. After a brief meeting to review the logistics of the next two weeks high in the Khumbu Valley, we headed to the Thamel District to do some bartering and have lunch at the world famous Rum Doodle restaurant. I presented the store owner with a copy of my Nepal certificate for climbing Everest in 2009 and in exchange was given the opportunity to have my own yeti footprint placed on one of the establishment's walls, next to legendary climbers Sir Edmund Hillary and others. It is certainly an honor to be in such company...and not just at the Rum Doodle. The technology is allowing the text to post but not the pictures for some reason so I will try again later (sorry). Tomorrow we'll fly up to Lukla via helicopter to begin our trek. Stay tuned for more posts. Namaste from Kathmandu.

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